5 student sites to learn the best study techniques and methods

best study techniques

These sites teach you the best ways to learn any subject and plan your program study.

Life at school and college is not easy. So, any help is welcome to facilitate the studies. While the internet is full of ways to make online flashcards and other such applications, getting the basics of studying right is essential. If you learn the best techniques to study better, you will succeed in your studies.

How to Use Spaced Repetition and Other Tips for Studying

You will often hear about the benefits of the SRS spaced repetition system for learning complex topics and retaining them in your memory. But if you have no idea what it is or how to use it, YouTuber and blogger Ali Abdaal has shared a beginner’s guide to spaced repetition to study .

Start with the video above, which walks you through the scientific benefits of SRS, how to structure it, and how to incorporate it into your studies with Ali’s “Magical Spreadsheet” tool. It’s basically a basic spreadsheet with color coding, but it’s so simple and effective that you’ll want to start using it right away.

Abdaal has a series of videos on improving studies and has also taught several students. Check out his blog for free guides on methods such as Active Recall, Trial Memorization Framework, Retrospective Review Schedules, and the STIC Method. The YouTube channel has several great videos, and it has a paid Skillshare course on studying for exams.

Improve Your Web Study Skills : Free Course to Learn How to Study Better

There are a few fundamental techniques for learning that for some reason are not taught in most schools. If you don’t know how to learn, how will you study effectively? FutureLearn and the University of Groningen have teamed up to launch a free online course on how to study better.

The essence of the course is the three-step study model i.e. preview, study and revise. The idea is to prepare and review everything you learn, which trains your brain to understand and remember it. You will learn key techniques such as identifying important parts of a text, developing a summary and designing a study plan.

The full course lasts four weeks and only takes two hours per week. You can learn at your own pace, with all the material available online for free. Besides techniques, it also covers study-related topics like stress management, reducing procrastination, and increasing motivation.

Study Healthy Web: How to Study According to Science

Lea, a university student herself, has spent time in the European, American and British school systems. With such exposure comes unique insights into how to study, especially with his passion for learning the science behind studying.

The Study Healthy blog includes tips on how to study and stay motivated to learn more, drawn from first-hand experiences and scientific research. You’ll find guides such as how to learn a new language, how to get the most out of it online courses, a guide to final exams, and more. You should especially check out his article on how to study according to science .

Some of the articles also include free printables and other usable downloads. This is especially good advice for how to study productively online .

The blog also includes a lot of information about his other passion: health and fitness. Lea uses a similar approach to learn more about how to stay healthy as a student, which she is happy to share in blog posts and guides.

Free Study Notes, Course Materials, and Summaries

Sharing study notes is a proven formula for successful learning. StuDocu and Docsity have become two of the best free platforms for students to share study notes, course materials, essays and summaries, tests, and other resources.

Both sites mainly have a simple search engine to find documents shared by other students. It’s a great way to learn more by accessing other people’s knowledge base. And before you even think about using it to cheat on an exam, don’t bother; teachers use systems like TurnItIn to make sure you can’t plagiarize.

Most documents are available for free, but there are exceptions. StuDocu makes 20% of its most requested documents available for a fee, while 80% of the content is free. Docsity has a system, where you earn download points for notes you download, encouraging you to give back to the community.

Free Printable Study Planners

Student life requires organization. You need a study plan that outlines when and what you’ll learn, how to allocate space for other activities, and break down complex topics for which you need more time. We’ve already told you the best study planner apps for this, but if you’d rather go the old-fashioned way, check out these free printable study planners.

Etudes d’Emma has a fantastic study planning pack, including a daily, weekly, and monthly planner, as well as a spreadsheet and tracker. Its chapter summaries and topic summaries ensure you don’t miss a thing. If you like this, also check out the other print from Emma Studies .

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