Online coaching

Online coaching

Coaching, face to face or over the phone?

Online coaching, like face-to-face coaching, is a recognized method that accompanies the client on a daily basis to help him achieve any objective that he would not be able to achieve alone . It is based on an alliance between the coachee and his coach who guides him towards his best level of success and fulfillment.

Coaching is an age-old practice based on simple principles :

Positive and unconditional support.

The coach is not a psychotherapist, he intervenes on a daily basis, (here and now) and he helps to project himself into the future. It does not work on the past in search of “root” causes for an action or a behavior. Generally face-to-face coaching takes place over 8 to 10 sessions of 1 to 2 hours for a period of 6 to 12 months.

How does online coaching work?

online coachingOnline coaching is a faster, more convenient, more serene and more economical process:

Quick in its intensity (session of 30 min to one hour), you go to the essentials on the research and the implementation of an action plan. Full coaching takes place over 10 sessions.

Practical because almost immediate: the time between the request and the session can be less than an hour. There are no trips to be expected. We are comfortably installed in a quiet room.

Without the pitfall of fear of judgement, the coachee tackles more quickly what could be tricky to share face to face.

Economical in one session, the client sees more clearly his objective, in a few sessions, he finds lasting solutions.

For what types of objectives?

Online or telephone coaching makes it possible to address all types of objectives as for face-to-face coaching, but it allows in a few sessions, to achieve operational objectives more quickly:

How does an online coaching session take place?

  1. The client explains his situation and describes what concerns him. The coach asks questions in order to understand the current situation.
  1. Then, the coach clarifies what the objective of the coaching is and what the client particularly expects from the online coaching session .
  1. He then questions about the means, the resources, the possible obstacles that would prevent us from reaching the objective and what we want to evolve towards.
  1. He co-constructs with the client possible and concrete solutions to be implemented between sessions.

To facilitate your online coaching sessions, you can get the game: coach by phone .

What are the specificities of an online coach?

The online coach has no particular specificity except to meet the criteria for choosing a coach . On the other hand, that asks him to be comfortable with technological tools such as the telephone and video conferencing.

Online coaches consider the telephone, Internet or other remote communication technologies (web conferencing) as tools that can be used in the practice of their activity.

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